Diamond Valley Lake

Diamond Valley Lake Vacation Super Coloring Book

Hurstbridge cafe Wild Wombat named in the 10 top Cafe’s in Melbourne. They serve great coffee and food with friendly service.

Around 40,000 properties in Victoria are clad with highly flammable cladding. These buildings include the Stadium in Kardinia Park Geelong, home of the Geelong AFL team. A list is being compiled and will be available soon.

Scientists investigating Antarctica ice cores have discovered the east coast of Australia has had both 39 years of consecutive drought years and periods of 100 years with no droughts. See here

The new iPhone 11’s have been unveiled. Very few new features so probably best to wait for the 4G model due for release next year! Pre-order from 13 September, with shipping set to begin on 20 September.

Has the Climate Change debate become the exclusive property of children and activists? Will this alienate the general population against the Climate Emergency agenda?